montage of jeck

Much like Kurt Cobain’s music, the new documentary “Montage of Heck” will leave everyone who sees it with a differing opinion on what it’s trying to convey.


Film maker Brett Morgen was given unrestricted access to Cobain’s archives and it shows throughout the 2+ hour doc. From previously unseen paintings, lyrics, sketches, home movies (including portions of a sex tape) to demo takes we’ve never heard before, they’re woven beautifully into the story of Cobain’s life.

Unlike almost every other musical documentary there is no straight line or narrator leading or telling you how you should feel about Cobain’s life story. While building him up as the rock god we remember to showcasing the junkie he and Courtney Love were rumoured to be this movie pulls no punches.

Expect your emotions to run the gamut, one moment smiling at how much he loved his daughter and the very next cursing him for being a horrible strung out junkie father. Disgusted at his disdain for the band’s success while overjoyed for him they made it.

The reviews you’ve seen leading up to it’s release May 4th on HBO are true. This is a must see documentary.