Here are your nominees:

A woman in China almost died after injecting herself with juice made from 20 different kinds of fruit. The 51-year-old woman suffered liver, kidney, heart and lung damage and had to be hospitalized for five days.

Police in Newtown County Philadelphia are looking for a man who crashed his vehicle into a beer store and stole — two beer! The damage is estimated at $15,000 while the stolen merchandise was worth less than $4.

AND THE WINNER IS! A politician in Italy has been hospitalised with chicken pox. It’s ironic given the fact that he is a leading anti-vaxxer. He spent four days in hospital being treated for the disease which can be deadly for adults.

A husband and wife recently tested out Tesla’s autopilot function. The husband filmed himself driving towards his wife who would then step out in front of the car. The pair did several trial runs with at least one near-miss where the wife had to jump out of the way.