Here are your nominees!

The vigilante Easter bunny. A man dressed in an Easter Bunny costume was recently involved in a brawl in downtown Orlando. The ‘bunny’ had stepped in to defend a woman. The problem? Turns out the man in the bunny suit was a wanted fugitive. He could have remained anonymous, but he took off the costume to speak to the media — hence identifying himself. 20-year-old Antoine McDonald has a lengthy criminal record, including car burglaries and armed robbery.

Alexa parents. A recent survey done by ‘ASecureLife’ found that one in five parents, or 20 per cent, said that they would trust their children with Alexa when they leave the house.

Inept robber. A man who recently robbed a gas station in Australia had covered his head with a grocery bag. The big oops comes when he decided to take off the bag disguise so he could carry the items he stole. Police now have images of his face and are asking the public to help identify him.