Canada Day has come and gone but our appreciation for great Canadian music is burning bright like the log on the campfire. Or something like that.

Here are the 20 bands that made The Great Canadian Countdown as voted by YOU and their songs that were featured in the countdown

#1 – The Tragically Hip
Courage, Bobcaygeon, Nois, Fireworks, Wheat Kings and Blow At High Dough

#2 – Rush
Tom Sawyer, Finding My Way, The Spirit of Radio, Roll The Bones, Limelight and In The Mood


#3 – Neil Young
Old Man, Rockin’, Cinnamon Girl, Downtown and Ohio

#4 – The Guess Who
American Woman, These Eyes, No Time, Runnin’ and Guns, Guns, Guns

#5 – Headstones
Smile and Wave, Cemetery, Tweeter, When Something.., Cubically Contained

#6 – Bryan Adams
Run To You, One Night Love Affair, Summer of 69 and Cuts Like A Knife

#7 – OLP
Naveed, Starseed, Clumsy, Superman’s Dead



#8 – Big Sugar
Better Get Used To It, Girl Watcher, It I Had My Way and The Scene



#9 – April Wine
Could Have Been A Lady, Oowatanite and Roller

#10 – Nickelback
Rockstar, Leader of Men, How You Remind Me

#11 – BTO
Let It Ride and You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet

#12 – Matt Good
Hello Time Bomb and Indestructible

#13 – Kim Mitchell
Lager and Ale and RocklandWonderland

#14 – The Trews
So She’s Leaving and Highway of Heroes



#15 – Tom Cochrane
Life Is A Highway and Lunatic Fringe

#16 – Steppenwolf
The Pusher and Born To Be Wild

#17 – Billy Talent
Try Honesty and Rusted from the Rain

#18 – The Band
Up on Cripple Creek and The Weight

#19 The Glorious Sons
S.O.S and Mama

#20 Trooper
We’re Here For A Good Time + Raise a Little Hell


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Did you know that Trooper released their first album on this day – Canada Day – in 1975? What could be more fitting for Canada’s Greatest Party Band than to have today be their 45th anniversary! It’s been 45 years of touring back and forth across this vast country – from East Coast kitchen parties, to High North pow wows, to Prairie bush parties and West Coast beach parties – meeting Canadians of all cultures and ways of life and being welcomed, into cities, towns and communities, like long lost family. As Rick Mercer once said: "There are many symbols and institutions we are all proud of in Canada – socialized medicine, the invention of ice hockey, the discovery of Insulin, to name a few … but perhaps no one person or thing says 'Canada' like Trooper." The band is proud and thankful to have shared countless adventures and memories with their fellow Canadians. This 45th anniversary milestone is one that they gratefully share with all of you, so… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Please tell us about your favourite/funniest/most inspiring Trooper memory in the comments. Trooper can't wait 'til the day they can once again enjoy new musical adventures with you all.

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