Dune and Pink Floyd kinda go together like peanut butter and jelly don’t they? Well German composer Hans Zimmer, who has scored countless films like Inception, Gladiator, and the latest upcoming James Bond installment No Time To Die to name a few, thought so too.



If you’re unfamiliar with Dune, it’s a mammoth of a science-fiction story that’s been adapted from the 1965 novel of the same name written by Frank Herbert. In the past, Dune hasn’t really met fans’ expectations on the big screen, but now in 2020 it seems that fans will finally get to see a faithful and fresh perspective on the source material.




Hans Zimmer pulled out all the stops for the 2020 Dune trailer too. Ensuring that his team and all the performers followed Covid19 protocols, he managed to get a 32 person choir over face-time to perform a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” . This certainly has added to the building anticipation of the new movie. You can check out the full Dune movie trailer below and Zimmer’s version of “Eclipse”.




Did you just get chills? Me too. We’re certainly adding this to the “Best Cover Songs of 2020” list.