Nandi Bushell is a force of Rock n’ Roll to be reckoned with, and she’s only 10 years old. Dave Grohl certainly thinks so too after he accepted her drum-off challenge back in early September. Now the battle is well under way with this round raising the stakes! Watch Nandi react to Grohl’s last round response video:



Bushell was so blown away by Dave Grohl making a song about her that’s dedicated to her, naturally she had to follow suit and make a song about Grohl in response. She has called it ‘Rock and Grohl: The EPIC Battle’. It’s hard to say who won this round, just watch for yourself:



This little rocker certainly is one to watch out for- she has already caught the attention of the likes of Tom Morello and Lenny Kravitz too! Here’s looking forward to how the bar will be raised in the next round of this epic drum-off battle (Good luck Nandi.)