This weekend CHEZ 106 is paying tribute to legend Eddie Van Halen with the Van Halen Tribute Weekend! Plus, we’ll be playing ‘Live: Right Here, Right Now’ on the Saturday Night Concert Series and running through ‘1984’ on the Sunday Night Vinyl Series!


It is with overwhelming sadness to inform you that influential rock pioneer Eddie Van Halen has succumbed to his throat cancer at the age of 65. Eddie Van Halen was an inventor, an innovator, and a pillar in the rock world. He will be missed by family, friends and fans alike. Eddie Van Halen touched the lives of many people, across the globe and across musical genres.







Eddie’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, wrote a heart wrenching tribute to the rock-God-guitarist. To Wolfgang, this influential leader of Van Halen that many have looked up to over the 5 decades of discovering new ways to rock the stage, Eddie was just dad.



Eddie made playing the guitar look easy. He made you believe that you could play as effortlessly as he could. It spurred you on to practice and pursue your own rock n’ roll dreams, even if that’s all it ended up being, Eddie was there with you the whole way through. He’s stuck around this whole time with a devilish smile and an energy unmatched by any guitarist. He carved his own legacy by aspiring to do more and create a sound unlike anything ever heard before.




Eddie Van Halen already will never be forgotten because he is simply too memorable to forget, but he certainly deserves to Rest In Peace.