Gestion de propriétés des Monts


11 Smith, Val-des-monts, J8N 4J1, CA


We are a young business (3 years old) and are major income comes from Ontarian families who have cottages on the Québec side in the Outaouais. Because of the covid-19, these families can’t pass the borders to go at their cottage, so our business is suffering. We open, close and maintain these second homes. We also take care of cottages with Airbnb’s location type…these are also cancelled because of the virus.
We offer maintenance or just a chek-up for any Ontarian families that can’t go to their cottage on the Québec side.
We usually only choose our clients in a 25km range in Val-des-Monts, Qc but because we need the income, we are willing to expand that area at no extra charge.
The owner is Paul Déziel and the business number is 819-457-9267
Thank you for caring, we appreciate anything you can do, even if it’s playing our favorite music.

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