Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.


228 Allison Ave, Ottawa, K2B5B9, CA


Resting Paws cemetery & Crematorium Inc. is a family owned operation that caters to pet parents directly. Why use the service offered by your vet clinic we ask? The clinics have absolutely no control over what happens once the pet leaves the clinic and a few weeks latter you get the urn back. At Resting Paws we have our own facility here in Ottawa and people make all the arrangements directly with us so they maintain control throughout the process. In 7 years of operations we have managed to return the urns to the owners within a week. Your pet never leaves Ottawa, they are not transported with 100’s of other pets. One interesting fact is that there is only one major aftercare provider in all of Ontario that serves all the clinics from Montreal to the US border In Southern Ontario. They are owned by a holding company answering to shareholders not pet parents. Do yourself a favour look us up when tragedy strikes and you lose your best buddy. We are still operating with limitations due to COVID-19 Check out our website for details.


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