There’s some drama happening between former members of the Black Crowes and it has to do with allegedly upsetting Jimmy Page.

Former Crowes’ drummer Steve Gorman claimed in his book Hard To Handle: The Life and Death of The Black Crowes that guitarist Rich Robinson turned down an opportunity to write a song with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, insulting the rock legend.

Gorman claims, in the book, Page offered to collaborate with the Black Crowes on their next record to which Robinson replied, “No thanks! … We don’t need more songs” leading Page to (again, allegedly) call the band’s manager and say, “I’m driving to Connecticut, and I’m going to kill Rich in his home.”

Robinson has adamantly shot down the story, saying: “Jimmy Page wants to write songs for me, and I’m gonna say, ‘You know what, Jimmy? Led Zeppelin was all right, but I’m not gonna do it?’ It’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard in my life.”


The tour lasted 11 shows, out of what was supposed to be 55, before Page cancelled the tour because of back issues. Were they actually back issues or was it really because of Robinson? Someone needs to get Jimmy on the phone…


The Black Crowes are currently preparing for a reunion tour, without Gorman.


– Jesse Tieman