The Biggs and Barr Show

Weekdays 5:30am to 9:00am
Three husky humble fellas who are probably less offensive than you might think… Maybe.

Amy Volume

Weekdays 9:00am-2:00pm
Rock on with Amy Volume on CHEZ 106

Classic Rock Lunch

Weekdays at noon, take a break and chow down on the classics – from the greatest hits to the album cuts you haven’t heard in a while. Aerosmith to Zeppelin, April Wine to ZZ Top, the classics live here.


Weekdays 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Cosmo's always pushing someone's button. Spend some time with him and he'll probably say something that rubs you the wrong way. Hey, at least the soundtrack rocks. He'll also give you the chance to win something every weekday around 5 with his famous 'Next to Impossible Question'


Weekdays 6:00pm-10:00pm
Spend your nights with Heather. Random facts, music info & The CHEZ 6 pack are all part of her show.


Join BK (Big Kris) Saturday's from 12pm-4pm and Sunday's 12pm-4pm!

This Week in Rock with Adam Kane

Every Saturday at 9am and 8pm, join Adam Kane as we count down the 10 biggest rock songs from a different year. Which year are we featuring this year? Listen and find out.

Classic Rock Sundays

Celebrating the bands and the music that made us who we are.

Sunday Night Vinyl Series

Sundays: 8:00pm
Every Sunday night @ 8pm hear a legendary album on the Sunday Night Vinyl Series.

CHEZ 6 Pack

Weekdays at 6pm
Cheers to the weekend. Weekdays at 6pm we crack open a 6 pack of tunes. 6 songs... one theme.

The Best of Biggs and Barr Show

Saturday 9am-12pm
Re-live some of your favourite moments with Chris Biggs, Jason Barr, and Pastey Jamie.

Church of CHEZ

Sundays 9am-Noon
The stories, myths, legends, and bands that define Rock n' Roll, plus the new bands worth your's Church of CHEZ, hosted by Cosmo!

Today In Rock

Over the decades a lot of legendary moments have happened in rock music. In this new feature, Heather takes a look at what happened on this day in rock music history.