Dropkick Murphys plan to livestream their St. Patrick’s Day show with no audience.

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Hey everyone! We hope you and your families are doing well during this trying time… For the first time in 24 years, we are not playing on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The current world situation is the ONLY thing that would ever stop us from doing so… So we came up with an idea we’re going to pull off this Tuesday – the night of St. Patrick’s Day… We’re going to bring a DKM LIVESTREAM CONCERT to EVERYONE – ALL OVER THE WORLD!! You’ll be able to watch it on our YouTube, Instagram and onFacebook Live… Here’s the details: DROPKICK MURPHYS LIVE FROM BOSTON THIS TUESDAY – MARCH 17 7pm BOSTON TIME 4pm WEST COAST 11pm LONDON 12am BERLIN 10am SYDNEY This will be a FULL CONCERT – AND MORE !! We’re excited to entertain you on St. Patrick’s Day – live from Boston TELL YOUR FRIENDS !! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

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The Celtic rockers have played on St. Patrick’s Day for the past 24 years. With most concerts, tours and major events being cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, this years show promises to be very different. In an attempt to slow the spread of the virus, Dropkick has axed their annual concert and instead, will livestream a free performance with no fans.

One of the first of its kind, this major “no attendees” concert may encourage other musicians to follow suit.

Catch Dropkick Murphys LIVE from Boston on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook tomorrow night at 7 pm.

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