Over the last week, we learned of the passing of two Ottawa radio icons, Shelley Hartman & Robert W. Knight.



Shelley Hartman was one of the original DJs part of CHEZ’s launch in 1977, and is forever credited with shaping the sound & soul of CHEZ. With more on her impact, here’s long-time CHEZ staff member and MD, Steve Colwill:


‘From 1977 to the late 90’s when she moved on, Shelley Hartman was the rock and roll heart of CHEZ 106. When the news broke Sunday of her passing, many friends and former colleagues mentioned that she was one of a kind. Shelley was always proudly Shelley, and dammit that was a good thing! She constantly pushed us in those early years to think outside the norm and indeed once she left radio to chart a new course for herself that was exactly what she did. She went back to school, became an archaeologist and member of Carleton University’s Classics Society.


In former CHEZ announcer Jim Hurcomb’s excellent book on Ottawa music history “Rockin’ On The Rideau 2: The 70’s” Shelley said: “Those early years were frantic. Everybody wanted to produce the best quality radio because we were brand spanking new out of the gate. We were working 80 hours a week sometimes because that’s what had to be done to build up the kind of credibility that the old stations already had because they’d been around for so long.”


Shelley Hartman was part of the rock-solid foundation that made CHEZ 106 legendary.’

Photo from March 25th 1987, CHEZ’s 10th anniversary bash, with Harvey Glatt looking on.



Robert W. Knight was a larger than life personality that bounced around the Ottawa radio dial, before landing at CHEZ & hosting the afternoon slot from 2000-2004. Here’s former CHEZ Program Director Danny Kingsbury:


‘RWK brought a unique sound that had not been previously heard on CHEZ. His passion and energy made an immediate positive impact, felt both on-air and in the hallways. Like many great announcers, Robert was laid back and genial outside the control room, but when he sat at the console and flipped on the mic, he became a fighter pilot of the airwaves. He loved music, he loved the listeners, he loved radio and he loved Ottawa’.

Photo from RWK’s facebook page


The voices of RWK and Shelley ring through our halls, and forever remain part of our fabric. From all of us,  we celebrate you both. And we thank you for what you brought to the station, to our industry, and to the city you loved.


-Everyone at CHEZ