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A new version of “Roxanne”

Posted on by jacki

Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop  quartet The Ragtime Gals recently performed on The Tonight Show. As they hummed into a version of The Police’s classic “Roxanne”, they were joined by Sting and his beard.


Randall’s Rant: Eugene Melnyk Accused of Receiving Special Treatment

Posted on by andrew.leung


Randall’s Rant (Mon. May 25): Eugene Melynk’s liver transplant still making news…Sens owner still being accused of receiving special treatment.  Thoughts? ~ Randall

Download [1:47] 1.7MB

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Our favourite monster truck fan

Posted on by ericbollman

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Listen now:

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Drone talk

Posted on by ericbollman

doc and woody logo

Doc spent the weekend playing with a drone – listen:

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“Defendants admit that Led Zeppelin…were and are exceptionally talented”

Posted on by ericbollman

Led Zeppelin were served with a lawsuit this year on behalf of the estate of Spirit guitarist Randy California, claiming that Zeppelin stole part of the Spirit song ‘Taurus’ for their monster hit ‘Stairway to Heaven’. On Wednesday, Zeppelin finally responded to the lawsuit.


The band’s response to the lawsuit mostly dismissed the allegations and acknowledged that Zeppelin did play a few shows with Spirit – but it contained one memorable paragraph: “Answering paragraph 11 of the First Amended Complaint, including the First Amended Complaint’s footnote 1, Defendants admit that Led Zeppelin has been called one of the greatest bands in history and its members were and are exceptionally talented…but otherwise deny each and every allegation contained in paragraph 11 of the First Amended Complaint.”

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Doc and Woody Funpage May 24, 2015

Posted on by doc.halen




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Letterman’s Final Goodbye and amazing Foo Fighters story

Posted on by robin.harper

If you were one of many whose PVR’s didn’t catch the last 20 minutes of Letterman’s final show since it ran over it’s normal running time, here it is. Skip ahead to about the 10 minute mark for what might be the coolest story about the Foo Fighters and why Dave loves them soo much then watch their performance in the post below.

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The Foo Fighters Say Goodbye To David Letterman.

Posted on by cosmo.grant

UPDATE-Musical Tributes Continue in final three Letterman Shows

Posted on by robin.harper

Monday night saw Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder perform a touching rendition of Betterman. It’s just been revealed that Foo Fighters will be the final musical guests on the show tonight (Wednesday May 20)

While Tuesday night Bob Dylan became Dave’s penultimate musical guest appearing 22 years after his last performance. Fittingly Dylan performed the Sinatra classic “The Night We Called It a Day”

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Soundgarden releases Night Surf

Posted on by robin.harper

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